Price Suggestion
Strange Knife
Submitted by Grim
~11.39 ref
Strange Knife
300 votes up
99 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by [GIRL] Mr. Bucket.

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Well, according to the evidence you gave us the current range is fine; only 1 of them has been sold. Also, the current price has 1 ref in it, it's not like a maximum range means a huge stretch.

    Yes, the current price has 1 ref in it, no question about that. But when there's a range like 0.88-1 ref (with only .11 difference), its only normal that sellers would sell them at 1 ref (making more profit in their case). By making the price firm, it would save buyers some time instead of making unnecessary offers which would have a high percentage of being rejected (since the range gap is too low).

      I agree with having a firm price. No need for a range for such an item.

    Why solidify the price if your suggestion is already in the current range? Ranges are there for a reason.

      Its true that ranges are there for a reason. However, by having one solid price for this item, it makes it easier for buyers to state their offer because at the current range of 0.88-1, most sellers would opt to sell them at 1 ref instead of 0.88, so I don't see the purpose of the range (which has a small difference of 0.11) anymore. sold 3 of the knifes at a ref

          3rd Link that you posted shows 2 buyers buying for the stated price.

          5th Link has Vudreya buying for 1 ref 4 hours ago (recent proof)

          Last Link has RisinG agreeing to 1 ref

          Sellers are asking a ref because they like to get as much as possible for things, that doesnt mean thats what it is worth. The current price is fine. downvote

          I bought 2 S. knives within 5 hours of each other at 0.77 ref so i think the price range is fine.

            Current range is fine, you opinions of what a solid price will do for buyers/sellers doesn't exactly help your cause.

              sellers not buyers

              get some better proofs


                Did you not read the comments? You're being quite ignorant for saying he needs better proof, he has multiple proofs where he finds buyers for knifes @ 1 refined.