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~489.09 keys
Unusual Surgeon's Stahlhelm Harvest Moon
15 votes up
6 votes down
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Current price for burning tyrants is 18.3-23.3, price for burning surgeon's is 20-25 while cloudy moon is 18.6-22.7. For now people still prefer burning over harvest moon, so I suggest the price that's right in between. We'll just have to see what happens once the Halloween event is officially over and these unusual effects don't appear anymore

    Current offers on outpost are currently reaching roughly 15-18 buds worth in unusuals and items.

    One was previously offered a burning YWN, possibly with extras. Priced at 16-21 here on, though there's currently one asking for 19 pure on outpost.

    I'm personally not fond of these between pricings suggestion- relies on the pricings of the other effects being up to date, which isn't always the case, and effect tiers can be murkier on halloween effects, where rarity can make a huge difference. Might I ask what you friend traded to get this hat, assuming your friend is willing to share that information?

      yea. he bought from the guy in the second link you posted - traded for burning tyrants. The other guy selling has a bunch of COs so far, but not an actual sale. The rarity of the effect may also be a factor, as I've said. But I do see your point of the burning YWN, so do you suggest decreasing the price?

        I traded my clean Burning Tyrants for it. The hat is probably worth more since there's only 2 in existence right now.

          Alright, completely missed the part about the burning tyrant's being traded. Brain's not all around today.

          Given we don't know the full details of the burning YWN trade and this is more recent besides, I'd say it's reasonable to price off the burning Tyrant's.

        Totally off topic but this makes me cry that the stahlhelm I unboxed was lantern.

        I think it should be higher than this. Somewhere around 26-27, so downvoting.

          This price is based off the most recent trade for this hat. If in the future someone is able to sell it for 26-27, then I'll change the price. But for now, there's no proof of that except for speculation...

          Plus its a clean burning tyrants which are really hard to come by :>

            i offered 22-23 in unusuals on one of these and got turned i dunno. might be low.