Price Suggestion
The Moonman Backpack
Submitted by Thomas
~1.72 ref
Unique Moonman Backpack
86 votes up
68 votes down
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    I agree it should be less than 1.88, but your price range shouldn't include 1.22 as it is still a craftable misc. I think 1.33-1.66 may be fairer or even just 1.55 straight up.

      since range includes 1.22 and this is craftable, I have to downvote, also just because it is not 1.88 doesn't mean it has to go as low as 1.33 either, but 1.22 is a big no no


          The proof is shit 2/3 is uncraft and one dosen't state price sold for. What it dosen't sell for does not reduce the price by .44 ref easy downvote.

            1.88 is a fine price someone paid me a key for my one because he wanted it so bad.

              1.22 should not be included. This is a nice craftable misc. Downvoted.