Price Suggestion
~3.11 ref
Unique Kringle Collection
104 votes up
359 votes down
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This suggestion was closed 5 years ago by A Distinctive Lack of Vincent.

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I like how the suggestion is less than the current price.

    This is just stupid.

      @The SpookyEnemy maybe whe wanted to suggest 10-11 keys? based on his lack on evidence + description+ in his backpack, I think so, but it backfired LOL

        Summer is coming.

          Yeah, i guess he wanted to suggest keys, but as he failed miserably to even exists, so he does with reading. An easy downvoto.

            Downvotes are coming too!

              The baseball season is over, which is related to sports, so all sports-related items should be worth 1 scrap.

                I laughed when I saw this. Summer is coming too, and my downvote is also coming for no proof.

                  You are such an idiot. I wish I could POWER downvote you.

                    This proves that fail + fail = win


                      No **** sherlock. Downvote.

                        Hey guess what? I think we should raise the price on anything thats green because saint patricks day is coming!

                          He's actually lowering the price by a few keys. I feel tempted to accept this just to see how he reacts.

                            @Chancellor can we keep this suggestion open? I mean the only thing that is gonna get affected is this guys' reputation so nothing big gets lost, and some lolz due to his epic fail are good for the community :P

                              lol wut now? It suppose to say 10-11 keys....

                                No proof. Downvote even though I believe this is an overvalued misc no one will care about at Christmas.

                                  Christmas is coming.... and?

                                    christmas is coming,double everything related to christmas's price,even thought today is still haloween,EVERYTHING.And later, it's gonna have an even stupider price.

                                      Still no if he actually wanted to make it go 10-11 keys, "Christmas is coming" is not enough, people should stop with those lame excuses

                                        @Ranger: He's not doubling the price, he's lowering it.

                                          Bahahahahahahahah DOWNVOTED

                                            Hey, no proof and retarded Christmas hype. Downvoted.

                                              This is my favorite price suggestion.

                                                Oh look you have one in your bp! HOW SURPRISING.

                                                  It reached the ceiling give up

                                                    A better price would be 6-7 keys. Nobody really sells for 5 keys. Everybody sells from 6-7 keys. But he's right. Christmas is coming and this has gotta be the sexiest misc ever made. lol. Screw you Fast Learner!

                                                      downvote this is retarded

                                                        just. lol. fail.

                                                          Halloween is right around the corner, let's do this for all the Halloween stuff too

                                                            adding him to buy his for 10.5 ref

                                                              Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha, oh god! I laughed so much looking at this it hurts!

                                                                This is awkward.. If its refined, he's lowering the price for xmas... no sense.

                                                                If keys, 10-11 is damn double, too much!


                                                                  Get out.


                                                                    Downvote is coming...

                                                                      Insufficient evidence + derp suggestion. Ok.

                                                                        People reacting to this suggestion as if it's in keys is more entertaining than the suggestion itself.

                                                                          guise halloween is coming.

                                                                            why would you drop it so much? downvote to hell

                                                                              No, even if it was going to be keys.


                                                                                How he must feel defending this price.

                                                                                  i voted this up just to troll him

                                                                                    Let the downvotes ensue!

                                                                                      Anyone who says "Christmas is coming" gets an instant downvote. It's always been just a stupid idea to get people to overvalue their stuff. No one gives a **** about Christmas, especially since this ****ing hype has been around since ****ing August.

                                                                                        what the hell

                                                                                          It would be so funny if the suggester's price is indeed accurate and he's trolled everyone here.

                                                                                            No more "Christmas" excuse.


                                                                                              Everyone needs to upvote this, oh my god I don't care how much it screws with the holiday trading season; it's gonna be HILARIOUS


                                                                                                  The look on his face when he sees the graph in his backpack take a dive...

                                                                                                    LOL, I would upvote this...

                                                                                                      Kringle is way overpriced but I belive 4 keys is a bit low... :/

                                                                                                        "Everyone needs to upvote this, oh my god I don't care how much it screws with the holiday trading season; it's gonna be HILARIOUS"

                                                                                                        As a note, do not do this. You should only vote based on whether or not you agree the suggestion is correct or not. Upvoting it will not help it to go through if the price is off. While I've yet to look through outpost and properly check whether this suggestion is accurate or not, the trading price will ultimately decide whether it goes through, not the votes. Upvoting this, if it turns out to be a highly inaccurate price, will only result in you losing rep once it is closed.

                                                                                                          1) best pricechange thread ever

                                                                                                          2) nobody is selling this for 4 keys, downvote

                                                                                                          3) if this gets accepted, submitter will get -300 rep and probably never be able to submit another pricechange here again

                                                                                                          4) lol knifestorm

                                                                                                              hory shet..

                                                                                                                Christmas is coming... so we reduced price

                                                                                                                  hahahahah this post made my day.. hahahah dude's definitely high

                                                                                                                    "Hey guys, St. Andrews day is coming up! All Scottish-related items need to be raised by 20 keys because lol."

                                                                                                                    Sorry, but I don't think suggestions justified solely on events coming up should be a valid reason.

                                                                                                                    EDIT: Did he mean to make it 10-11 keys? Either way, it's still a no from me.

                                                                                                                      Alright, fun's been had.




                                                                                                                      Lots of people offering 4 keys on it, not hard to find people willing to pay 5 keys.