Price Suggestion
~1.77 ref
Vintage Huntsman
57 votes up
6 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by A Distinctive Lack of Vincent.

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I will either prove or disprove this in 24 hours :-)

    Shockingly I proved this absolutely true. in 4 hours someone bought it for 1 ref. Wow. Upvote. And I wasn't expecting to upvote. With only 12 views too >>

      I actually sold mine for a craft hat a few weeks ago.

      Think I can agree with this, some people seem to have been willing to pay 1 ref for a while.

        I bought one of these for two scrap a while back. From what I've seen these don't sell for less than 2 rec now. It's not rare, but the demand is quite high compared to other vintage weapons.