Price Suggestion
~1.83 ref
Unique Surgeon's Stahlhelm
201 votes up
24 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Brad Pitt |

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Whoops, my bad. The third link trade is selling for 2.33 refined. My price still stands, however.

    while I agree with the price change, NIGGA CHU TALKIN' BOUT? Stahlhelm is the best medic hat

      price range is ok, i sold mine after a week at 2.33. but bro, this medic hat is top tier

        Agree with price change, but mate this hat is damn awesome.

          well since its in the crate it will drop so i agree but im sure this is one of the top tier medic hats >_>

            Stahl + beak = epic.

            Crate did hurt its price though;

              Pretty much the Highest Demand Hat for Medic, surely won't drop below 1.66

              While i expect the Prices to rise in the Future, for the Moment this seems to be the going price. Upvote

                I like this hat =/

                That said, being a crate hat killed it. Upvote.

                  I agree with the price change, but the stahlhelm is either the best or close to the best medic hat.

                    I sold mine easy at 2 ref. BUTTTT I couldn't seem to sell it at all at 2.33 thinking I'd undercut people.

                      good price change

                        I agree with this price suggestion, but it just saddens me that I found this hat as a drop right as it was released in the newest crate.