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    • 3.22 ref Haunted Trepanabotomizer 9 Found in Crate
    Haunted Trepanabotomizer
    Bumped 27 minutes agoListed 2 months ago by AnarKey || Buying Backpacks

    You can get it now || Item overpay is an option || Discover more cool stuff in backpack ! Thanks, Enjoy 👌 ❤️

    • 3.33 ref Haunted Trepanabotomizer 71 Found in Crate
    Haunted Trepanabotomizer
    Bumped 46 minutes agoListed 3 months ago by FatalityRage (BOT)

    Here is trading BOT with a "backpack automated things". Pure & correct offers will be accepted automatically then my status is ONLINE.

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    • 2.55 ref Haunted Trepanabotomizer
    Haunted Trepanabotomizer
    Bumped 39 seconds agoListed 2 weeks ago by BoomZoom | КЛЮЧИ за реал

    [⇄] AUTOMATICALLY ACCEPTING! [⇄] Send offer! Don’t add me! No Hold! Don't add extra for Paint/Parts/Other.

    • 2.44 ref Haunted Trepanabotomizer
    Haunted Trepanabotomizer
    Bumped 13 minutes agoListed 3 weeks ago by YJSNPI Bot

    [↑↓] 24/7 TRADING BOT! // Send me a trade offer! Fast accept!

    • 2.22 ref Haunted Trepanabotomizer
    Haunted Trepanabotomizer
    Listed 2 days ago by (TCFY)★Soaring Gem★

    Buying of up to 2 at one go Fast accept :)



Buyer for 2.44 in classies

Buyers for 2.22 in classies

~2.44 ref
Haunted Trepanabotomizer

Classifieds at the time of posting this suggestion.

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~2.44 ref
Haunted Trepanabotomizer

Spooky, spooky, Halloween.

-Buyers at 2.33 on the classies: https://i.gyazo.com/707b8c1051a2e7ebd0bc2d59dd2a734b.gif (profiles: http://backpack.tf/u/76561198056209175

~2.44 ref
Haunted Trepanabotomizer

Classifieds Buyer @2.11: http://imgur.com/nF48QZk


~2.44 ref
Haunted Trepanabotomizer

2ref already seems hard to sell, but happens


http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/15521255 selling 1.66 unbumped


~2.44 ref
Haunted Trepanabotomizer

Theres only 2 sellers on OP. So.. dont judge me :3

http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/25330799 seller 1 ref

~2.44 ref
Haunted Trepanabotomizer

Resuggesting with better range

This ugly thing hat is so unwanted

Several in classifieds for 1 ref, unsold from 2 to 4 days

Sellers @ 0.44:


~2.44 ref
Haunted Trepanabotomizer

This is so rare.

Seller at 1 ref:



~2.44 ref
Haunted Trepanabotomizer

3rd attempt.

Rare item, conservative bump

http://imgur.com/7SIgrjF bought mine for .66

http://i.imgur.com/TF1Vs1s.png sold for .33