~13 ref Haunted Eyeborg
Haunted Eyeborg

Out of 6,310,583 inventories, there are 302 known instances of this item.

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Strange Parts


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    • 19 ref Haunted Eyeborg 22 Gifted
    Strange Haunted Eyeborg
    Listed 3 days ago by boop the scoop

    Trade offers only.

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    • 12.88 ref Haunted Eyeborg
    Haunted Eyeborg
    Listed 17 hours ago by Canned Awesome

    trade offers are accepted automatically, not paying more for paints, check profile for full list of items im buying and limitations for traders without mobile authentication



~13 ref
Haunted Eyeborg

8 month old price.

Well bumped classifieds buyer @13 unsold for 3 days: http://imgur.com/F0NOuIK

~13 ref
Haunted Eyeborg

All I had to do here is change the screenshot link plus add another intro.

Classifieds at the time of posting:


~13 ref
Haunted Eyeborg
~13 ref
Haunted Eyeborg

Eye see you.

http://imgur.com/LR8nbvT --- 1 Buyer x 8 Refined

0 Sellers for Less.

~13 ref
Haunted Eyeborg

This needs a drop.

Only 3 trades on Outpost.

Seller at 7.66 refined:

http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/26342220 (Has Spectral Spectrum and Voices


~13 ref
Haunted Eyeborg

Those new Haunteds are really hard to price. Sales nearly never happened.

Sale 1

http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/23587922 - 6 ref

Sale 2

~13 ref
Haunted Eyeborg

I don't have any one-liners anymore

Classifieds at the time of posting

2x 4

Rest are 5 or above

Sellers @ 4


~13 ref
Haunted Eyeborg

Small market.

Sale at 5


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