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Trust Issues

Trust Rating "Abusing bug with bot"

What happened:

Me and Pootis Man ( discovered that certain bots including the one of the guy, which the trust rating is from, valued keys higher than normal. After asking a mod about this, we both went on to do the trades shown in the trust rating.

Why this rating should be removed:

First of all the owner has no proof that his bot valueing keys at 70 ref was actually a bug and not just his mistake.

If he sets keys to 70 ref or doesn't check what his bot sets them to, it's his fault that it's being abused.

Abusing someone's mistake is not forbidden.

Secondly before taking advantage of this Pootis Man asked Zeus, a report moderator, about the legitimacy of doing these trades.

While this is not a rock solid approval, it's neither forbidding us to do the trade or warning us of any consequences.

If you want to punish us for something, it should be clear that we would upon directly asking about it.

If any further proof is needed, message me se\/en#1913 or Pootis-Man#6009 on Discord.

Have a good day.

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    Teeny Tiny Cat commented Staff

    You're not banned, but taking advantage of someone's mistake is certainly indicative of whether you're trustworthy or not. And the fact that y'all went and asked a mod about it kinda proves you were aware it was a shady thing to do, IMO.

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    "literally me" commented

    If this shows that the users are not trustworthy as they have took advantage of someone’s mistake, why aren’t people who have abused’s bot unusual effect exploit not punished as well?

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    Teeny Tiny Cat commented Staff

    I don't know the details on whatever case you're referring to, if you have a question ask it elsewhere please. This is not a general discussion thread.

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    Teeny Tiny Cat commented Staff

    Since you're not even replying, I'm closing this.

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