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User Report: 76561198064466577 (Sam "Monty" Nelson)

Added me to talk about my beams hong kong cone. We came to an agreement then 5 minutes after he got the keys he removed me as a friend and ignored all further messages.

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    diamond jozu(alt storage) commented

    so what kind of report is this?reports are only made if fraudulent activities are found like scaammers/sharkers or trading with scammers.i understand that you took your time and he just backed out when he was getting the keys but if you didnt lose any items,this might be invalid

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    Crack commented

    Okay, no problem. I'll sort the issue out! My bad :)

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    Marty Birdman commented

    As stated above, we would not ban them for backing out of an agreement where you did not lose anything in the process. This report will be archived.

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