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User Report: 76561198843603757 (BitSkins #0018 [667])

This person is impersonating a BitSkins bot the reason why I know this is because each bitskins but is not supposed to have his private it plus this particular account is not a part of the BitSkins official group where they put each of their bots in here's the BitSkins group link showing each of the bitskins bots https://steamcommunity.com/groups/bitskinsbots#members/?p=1

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    Did you have any interaction with this user?



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    I do one of my hats is from the user I got it on the steam market. but if you're wondering why I would report this user it because he is using s scam method that I fell for a while back. I know it's a bit strange that I'm reporting a random person that you think I have no interactions but it one of the rule not to impersonate a bot or another account. In this case a bit skins bot I was able to figure out this person was impersonating a bot due to being scammed by someone else doing the exact same thing here's his account https://steamcommunity.com/id/qweqwesfdsghhhhggffggg and due to this incident I sent an email to Bitskins and in response dad sent me a link to their steam group that had every last but that they owned and with an email that they stated that if the name of the bar is not within their steam group that the bar is not theirs I have sent the link to the steam group in the report.

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    this was the hat I fond this account on https://backpack.tf/item/7362574105

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    The user you reported has been banned from the site, thank you for your report.

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