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User Report: 76561198309332284 (Tardlife's Trading bot)

Hi. This user was buying my unusual sky high fly guy and scammed me. When ever I clicked the send offer button on my steam app on my phone it instantly changed the offer and made me accept it. Which the offer was set for me to give him the unusual as a gift, which i didn't do. I would love a response as fast a possible. Please help me.

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    ๖̶̶̶ζ͜͡SɱoƙE 🚬 commented

    I am unsure of how a trade offer can change automatically and get accepted on your phone with out your knowledge!

    Do you have any chat logs from this said user? If you do please provide

    Uncropped and Unedited screenshots of your complete chat with the user from this page

    Please find them on a web browser and hover your mouse over the username of the account in at least one of the pictures, so we can see the URL at the bottom left corner of the screen.

    Example- should look like this

    - Screenshot of the trade offer - should also be Uncropped and Unedited, also in a web browse, with mouse your hovering over the username so that profile URL pops up in bottom corner.

    - Screenshot of the trade offer - with mouse hovering over the item in question

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    help commented

    Sounds like your account was hijacked

    Read this -

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    OverduePixels commented

    Closing due to lack of follow up. You can reopen this yourself if you would like to add the required evidence.

    A guide on reporting can be found here -

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