~42.5 keys
Unusual Stormin' Norman Stare From Beyond

1 of 1 forever in the world ! Can't be unboxed anymore.

I last bougth it for a sunshine ol' snagg. (50 keys) + a pro KS collector ullapool (6 keys) + 1

~775 keys
Unusual Winter Woodsman Sunbeams

I wonder why none of the previous suggestions have passed when they all include sales below the current YEAR OLD price? (and a few suckers that overpaid

~20 keys
Unusual Soldered Sensei Aces High

sold with 2 keys for terror want out as sight

and a twelve month price

~45 keys
Unusual Handyman's Handle Scorching Flames

So yea, this has happened!

next to 2 clean sales 1 is a dupe sale.

Sale 1:

credits to CRAZY VIKING for screenies.

Sold for 42 keys pure!



~575 keys
Unusual Brotherhood of Arms Bonzo The All-Gnawing

Concluding this series of suggestion with a finalized and more accurate one.

SALE 1: https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198069199626#!/compare/1498435200/1498521600

~55 keys
Unusual Backbiter's Billycock Poisoned Shadows

Only 2 in existence forever. The sales listed below are only from one Billy as the other Billy hasn't left the owner's backpack in 400+ days.

Sale 1


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