~87 keys
Unusual Crone's Dome Memory Leak

Easy like Sunday morning (⌐■_■)

sold with 23keys + sweets for Ancient Eldritch Prehistoric Pullover


Green Energy Patriot Peak
Submitted by Sere
~210 keys
Unusual Patriot Peak Green Energy

GE Peak

Theres a strange one on outpost with a B/O of 220


One sold with a B/O of 150


~95 keys
Unusual Danger Death at Dusk

Nice hat, but all credits to Foamy:

DaD danger: 68 keys

https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198107839402#!/compare/1515110400/1515283200 taunt stuff

Misty Skull Liquidator's Lid
Submitted by chops
~48.5 keys
Unusual Liquidator's Lid Misty Skull

I like this hat

Last one sold > January 13th for 57 keys

https://prnt.sc/i05zpn < Misty Skull Liquidator's Lid

https://prnt.sc/i05zs1 < Time

Unusual Field Practice Amaranthine

Idk why he has not redone this yet. Credits to the previous suggestion on this hat.

Sale 1: Sold for $160. Keys at $2.45/key on SCM. Price = 160/2.45 keys

~71 keys
ghastly ghosts
Unusual Taunt: Results Are In Ghastly Ghosts

[i]When the electricity suddenly went out, you didn't save text, getting pissed and after turning the computer on again appears that Chrome saved all of

~38 keys
Unusual Taunt: Soldier's Requiem Screaming Tiger

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