Unusual Nanobalaclava Amaranthine
~5.45 keys
Strange Arthropod's Aspect

sold for 7 keys pure:

0 on outpost, unsolds at 8+ keys on classifieds

only 99 exist

~8.5 keys
Unusual Elf Esteem Nuts n' Bolts

Strange Bolts Elf Esteem

Sale #1!/compare/1505260800/1505347200

Sold for 8 keys pure


~68.18 keys
Unusual Full Metal Drill Hat Haunted Ghosts

still priced in buds lul!/compare/1508630400/1509062400

with Orbiting Fire Data Mining Light(24) for Green

~33 keys
Strange Batsaber

40 pure creds i.Might

Sellers at 35

~25.33 ref
Unique The Value of Teamwork The Value of Teamwork
~28 keys
Unusual Tippler's Tricorne Green Energy

Sale 1)

Bough by me with a Dead Presidents Greased Lightning


Sale 2)

Sold for a Orbiting Fire

~12 keys
Unusual Napper's Respite Orbiting Planets

I like Napping

This is themed because you rest when you nap!?

Sellers: -


Sale 1)!/compare/1507593600/1507


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