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Unusual Blast Defense Circling TF Logo

Tf2 logo blast defense

Sale 1)!/compare/1497484800/1497657600

sold for a purple energy warhood

~160 keys
Unusual Bot Dogger Burning Flames
~57 keys
phantasm jr
Unusual Crocleather Slouch Haunted Phantasm Jr

If ANY of the recent sales could be traceable, that'd be great


~10 keys
Collector's Bootlegger

2 sellers at 9.35 keys, one is 1-day old, the other one is 20 hours old

3-month old seller at 9.87 keys, so sales above this price would be outliers


Unusual Warhood Miami Nights

Miami Nights Warhood

Found this while looking for something else.


Sold for a Starstorm Slumber Lil' Bitey.!/compare/1496188800/1496

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