Cloud 9 Sergeant's Drill Hat
Submitted by Xergoyf
~30 keys
cloud 9
Unusual Sergeant's Drill Hat Cloud 9

Cloud 9 Sergeant's Drill Hat

Another 20 sale 3rd gen.


1 month @ 19

Bot has lowered price since buying

Cloud 9 Vive La France
Submitted by Yoyo
~55 keys
cloud 9
Unusual Vive La France Cloud 9

Cloud 9 Vive La France

This one was a doozy for my white belt self, so I hope I did alright. Thank you to everyone who provided additional

~66 keys
Unusual Tough Stuff Muffs Tesla Coil
~5.25 keys
Unusual Taunt: Yeti Punch Skill Gotten Gains

Skill Gotten Gains Yeti Punch

Mini for the Haunted Ghosts Minnesota Slick suggestion.

Classifieds (as of 8/27/19):

~12 keys
Unusual Base Metal Billycock Terror-Watt

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