Unusual Taunt: The Soviet Strongarm Haunted Phantasm

I like Arms

Insert Soviet Anthem here, credits to Litronom

Sellers: - - 2 Months

Arcana Letch's LED
Submitted by Jewmadsbro
~81 keys
Unusual Letch's LED Arcana

nfs paid 95k pure, … Thx for help LayaD :)


few more sales :

Sale 1 : sold with 35 keys for burning f

Decorated Weapon Air Strike Cool Bamboo Brushed


first of all, I dont know if this works due my Airstrike had a PRO KS on it, but I will give it a try. If PRO KS cannot be priced, please let me know.

Unusual Neptune's Nightmare Starstorm Insomnia

Credits to scourge, thanks man!

Sale 1: Bub Luch (indate 17) + Open Mann ( 34) + Acidic Stagger (18) + Acidic Zoomin ( 22)!/compare/1541030400/1541116

the eldritch opening
Unusual Tundra Top The Eldritch Opening

Resuggest due to green energy BoA suggestion changed:

Sale 1) steam market? Untrace...!/compare/1541116800/1541203200

Non-Craftable Head Warmer
Submitted by Deller
~5.55 ref
Unique Head Warmer

Lmao I used the wrong link

None on


Buyers at 5.77

Unusual Wing Mann Dead Presidents

I spent more money on virtual turkeys than I do on hookers. Either way, I ain't getting laid or fed

Sale 1:!/compare/1539129600/1539216000

~37 keys
Unusual Grenadier's Softcap The Ooze

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