Strange Scattergun Cool Horror Holiday
~37.5 keys
ghosts jr
Unusual Engineer's Cap Ghastly Ghosts Jr

Redoing again . . . . . (With the b/o capped at 45 on mp.tf)

Latest sale:

https://backpack.tf/item/6299344439 + https://backpack.tf/item/1110269110 +5

~140 keys
Unusual Détective Noir Chiroptera Venenata
Hot Neo Tokyo War Paint (Well-Worn)
Submitted by woah nelly
Unusual War Paint Hot Neo Tokyo

I think there's an Akira joke to be made here? I don't really watch the "animes". That one shot of the bike, I guess.


Chiroptera Venenata Bonk Boy
Submitted by Apoq [⇄]
~610 keys
Unusual Bonk Boy Chiroptera Venenata

Oh noO the bat is on FIRe!! It's gonna geeet HURRT!!!!!!!!! Some1 HALP!!

Another gamerific sale of Sloth's

Cash sale for $2469.90


Bubbling Blighted Beak
Submitted by Sheep Raider
~35.5 keys
Unusual Blighted Beak Bubbling

I accept new advices to improve this suggestion, like new sales, etc. I don't have premium, so it's difficult for me to find them.

Something like "close

~23 keys
Collector's Bootlegger

Past 30 Days 2 sales for 22 and 1 for 23 keys and a bot bought one for 21.2 keys!

Bot.tf statistics: https://imgur.com/0EZFgPq or https://bot.tf/stats/item?def=608&q=14&ef=&craft=1&a

~11.5 keys
Collector's Escape Plan
Decorated Weapon Claidheamh Mòr Cool Horror Holiday

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