Ethereal Essence Skullbrero
Submitted by Offline
Unusual Skullbrero Ethereal Essence
~34.5 keys
Unusual Tank Top The Eldritch Opening
Wicked Wood Bat Hat
Submitted by Offline
Unusual Bat Hat Wicked Wood

Taking last 2 months


Nov 25 - $52.00 = 30 keys

Nov 25 - $50.00 = 29 keys

Dec 7 - $35.84 = 21 keys


Strange Scotsman's Skullcutter Cool Hazard Warning

As the medic would say, I am a dummkopf for not checking what currency I was using for the previous suggestion.

A big thanks to Splashclaw for selling

~36 keys
Unusual Pirate Bandana Purple Energy

Marketplace sales

All sales are sales;5;u10

1. Sold on 3/11/19 - $70 / $1.79 = 39.11 keys

~55 keys
black hole
Unusual Professional's Panama Green Black Hole

****, i almost completely forgot about this.


Sold for a clean Tesla

Non-Craftable Festivizer
Submitted by Ze Banded
~50.9 ref
Unique Festivizer

wow christmas came 12 months early

5 sellers at 34 refined

19 sellers at 1.20 USD(1.20/0.03=40 ref)

another 44 sales at.1.20


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