Collector's Conscientious Objector
Submitted by Offline
~155 keys
Collector's Conscientious Objector;14

I bought it for $400.00 / $1.79 = 223 keys

I have no intention to resell this item.

~18.43 keys
Strange Rocket Launcher Miami Element;11;w2;pk213;kt-3/

Sold feb 1st for $150 usd. 150 / 1.81 = ~83 value of keys on the date of sale available here:

~1190 keys
Unusual Virtual Viewfinder Green Energy

another year and another shot at pricing the bby

creds to TF2Scourge for helpin mini

Sale 1:!/compare/1548720000/1548806400

Tesla Coil Slo-Poke
Submitted by Lila buying backpacks
Unusual Slo-Poke Tesla Coil;5;u108

sold for 139.99/1.79 = ~78~

~42 keys
Unusual Killer Exclusive Massed Flies

(Resuggesting, lower end was below regular buyers + new sale since I made the suggestion. Thanks to gwent co co for notifying me.)

I mean, "No intention

~80 keys
Unusual Wide-Brimmed Bandito It's A Secret To Everybody

Resuggest, 1 of 2

Sale 1 (indate 1 month ago when i started to price this unusual)!/compare/1541894400/1541980800

Purple Energy Prehistoric Pullover
Submitted by seVen
Unusual Prehistoric Pullover Purple Energy

Purple Energy Prehistoric Pullover

New price: 205 keys


Sale #1 (1 month) = 206!/compare/1548806400/1

Green Energy Hot Dogger
Submitted by Offline
~117.5 keys
Unusual Hot Dogger Green Energy

Hot dogs and white rice.


Current sellers:;5;u9

$135.00 = 75 keys - 2 months (?)

$135.00 = 75 keys - 2 months (?)


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