Unusual Rotation Sensation Starstorm Slumber

Sale 1: CTF Salty + Mallard Bear + PE Warming (high outlier; buyers there combined (82) are higher than unsold here (80) )!/compare/1537056000/153714

Sunbeams Crack Pot
Submitted by snaggles
Unusual Crack Pot Sunbeams
Green Energy Jungle Wreath
Submitted by The Nervous Pyro
~150 keys
Unusual Jungle Wreath Green Energy

GE Jungle

Sale 1 >!/compare/1545955200/1546041600

Sold with Time Warp Liquidator's Lid for Spellbound

Mann Co. Supply Crate #9
Submitted by | JayTee |
~10 ref
Unique Mann Co. Supply Crate ~ bought 2 for 8.11 each

No other sales (apart from the ones ive unboxed, which i haven't since july) exist (unless u

~60 keys
time warp
Unusual Armored Authority Time Warp

Time Warp Armored Authority (with a new sale)

Sale #1 - No ****en clue!/compare/1541635200/1542931200

~150 keys
Unusual Troublemaker's Tossle Cap Burning Flames
~43 keys
Unusual Familiar Fez Morning Glory

Your... Fez is Familiar. Eheheheheh

Sale 1) Sold for 30 Keys + 1 Key of Refined!/compare/1540857600/1540944000

~80 keys
ghosts jr
Unusual Whoopee Cap Ghastly Ghosts Jr


Sale 1:!/compare/1542585600/1542672000

Sold for a Scorching Flames Sky High Fly Guy (37 keys)


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