spooky night
Unusual Taunt: The Scooty Scoot Spooky Night
~4 keys
Unique Strangifier Villain's Veil
~6.39 ref
Strange Southern Hospitality

There's some sweet ass chess elo test thing out there.

bot.tf: https://ibb.co/3Tg3ySs

Taking the past 7 days

2 bought at 6.66

1 sold at 6.77

1 outlier

Vivid Plasma Brass Bucket
Submitted by Blaze Walker
Unusual Brass Bucket Vivid Plasma

I recently bought one for 30, and I feel like this is a good place. Searing is 33, and Vivid is typically a little lower than Searing.

Proof of Purchase:

Purple Confetti Wing Mann
Submitted by y3 b>qs 324K
~15 keys
Unusual Wing Mann Purple Confetti

5 recent usable sales on this guy

requested by jamal - thanks for getting the item histories

so many scrap and mannco.trade sales that are unusable feelsbadman

Genuine Crown of the Old Kingdom
Submitted by Mokky
~5.66 ref
Genuine Crown of the Old Kingdom

Dropping with multiple unsolds at 5.66 for 12 days

5.22 highest buyers


Knifestorm Brown Bomber
Submitted by BULU
Unusual Brown Bomber Knifestorm

Sold for 584$ usd on Marketplace.tf, 10th December:


Keys were priced at 1.67$ usd:

Bubbling Hunter in Darkness
Submitted by Vincentius "No Sound"
Unusual Hunter in Darkness Bubbling

Bubbling Hunter in Darkness

2 Sales

Sale #1 - 21 keys (excluding, To close and @ buyorder value)


Misty Skull Large Luchadore
Submitted by ✪Wrein
~205 keys
Unusual Large Luchadore Misty Skull

5 Year old price with decimals <-Heresy

Thanks to ApollotheLion for the sales report and easy suggestion.



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