Unusual Surgeon's Stahlhelm Starstorm Insomnia

I like Surgeons

They're the real stars

Sellers: - - 3 Days @ 50 Keys

Sale 1)

~10.28 ref
Unique All-Father

*New and Improved* (No Outliers this time)

74 sold on for ~$0.72 (~11-11.11 ref) in the past 2 weeks:;6/All-Father

~165 keys
Unusual Master's Yellow Belt Demonflame

sold for a blizzard storm hazmat headcase (indate, 170) + 60 keys = 230 keys!/compare/1511136000/1511222400

~132 keys
Unusual Tartan Tyrolean Bonzo The All-Gnawing

Sale 1:!/compare/1511049600/1511136000

Sold with 11 keys for a purple energy swagman, in date and a Tesla

~3 ref
Unique Sight for Sore Eyes

I like Eyes

I'm so sore-y for this pun

No Sales

2 Buyers @ 4 Ref

Thanks =)

~152.5 keys
Unusual Towering Pillar of Hats Bonzo The All-Gnawing

B/O of 200k :

I bought this with a [email protected] Cotton Head (180-200) + 45 keys pure. Things

Unusual Nanobalaclava Amaranthine!/compare/1505520000/1505606400

With SS Engi Cap (16) for Neutron Gibus (now sugg on Gibus at 46 is made...)


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