Valiant Vortex Blast Defense
Submitted by life is just an rpg
Unusual Blast Defense Valiant Vortex

79.99$ on the 13th, can't find history;5;u133

other sale (?) <-- no idea

The Backwards Ballcap
Submitted by ._.
~2.11 ref
Unique Backwards Ballcap

Backwards Ballcap

Buy/sell - -

Past 24h

4x sold at 1.88, 3x sold at 1.77 supports current

The Atomic Accolade
Submitted by ._.
~1.28 ref
Unique Atomic Accolade

Atomic Accolade

Buy/sell - -

Ignoring 1 seller at 1.44, shows successful sales

Kill-a-Watt Law
Submitted by ._.
~45 keys
Unusual Law Kill-a-Watt

Kill-a-Watt Law

Fun fact: A flame can conduct electricity!

Mptf sales (non-strange);5;u56

Nov 23,

~48.5 keys
Unusual Universal Translator Tesla Coil
Unusual Universal Translator Mystical Medley

200$ on oct. 31 (10 days indate)

there's also 1 other sale, compare is very bad, shows it was sold for 9k on one side (???) and shows nothing on the other

Unusual Universal Translator The Dark Doorway
~200 keys
Unusual Polar Pullover Stormy Storm
~12.5 keys
electric hp
Unusual Universal Translator Electric Hat Protector

EHP Translator - Mini for Kill-a-Watt Law (and potentially many more hats)

[i]Fun fact: Chinese is the most spoken language in the world, with 1.2 billion


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