Cloudy Moon Blighted Beak
Submitted by joku
~320 keys
Unusual Blighted Beak Cloudy Moon

Well this is my last shot.

Any help/criticism is appreciated

Sold for $1055 on MP.TF;5;u38

Keys priced at 1.82 at

Valiant Vortex Brain-Warming Wear
Submitted by j58!
Unusual Brain-Warming Wear Valiant Vortex
Jarate Shock Taunt: Runner's Rhythm
Submitted by Lemonade
jarate shock
Unusual Taunt: Runner's Rhythm Jarate Shock

Shocked the Jarate out of me

Requested by Dynasty

Sale 1:

crafted, not a sale!/compare/1571356800/1571443200

~660 keys
Unusual Crone's Dome Cloudy Moon

Cloudy Moon Crone's Dome

Sale #1-

Sold for Scorching Flames Cotton Head + Burning Flames Hat With No Name + 400 Keys!/compare/1573344000/157

Strange Shotgun Sax Waxed

(I made a mistake in the previous one D: );11;w1;pk304

Keys were $1.8 on November 16 (;6)

~183 keys
black hole
Unusual Tough Stuff Muffs Green Black Hole

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