Demonflame Stout Shako
Submitted by Torb
~65 keys
Unusual Stout Shako Demonflame

The sale

Compare link


Genuine Prinny Machete
Submitted by Vrakos Anthrakir
~33.44 ref
Genuine Prinny Machete
Summer Adventure Pack
Submitted by Vrakos Anthrakir
~1.6 keys
Unique Summer Adventure Pack

pretty self explanatory, multiple buyers at 2.48, I sold a pack to one of them

Anti-Freeze Team Captain
Submitted by TacticalCheerio™
~668 keys
Unusual Team Captain Anti-Freeze

Its a lil cold out here cap'n

Only recent sale: Sold for a CMoon Mancers (246) + Burning Peak (360) = 606 (Rounding to 600 for neatness)!/compare/15548

~375 keys
Unusual Co-Pilot Haunted Ghosts

This gonna be a damn mess of a mini, but a man can try.

Apollo why are you so annoying about suggestions s m h

The sale: 375k!/compare/15555456

Unusual Nasty Norsemann Massed Flies
~47.5 keys
Unusual Flipped Trilby Sulphurous

I don't even know how this happens.!/compare/1555718400/1555804800

Sold for 55 keys pure.

45 and 50

Demonflame Stormin' Norman
Submitted by MISTA OLIVA!
~55 keys
Unusual Stormin' Norman Demonflame

Sold for $140 on 4/19;5;u80/flamedemon'nimrotsnamron

$140 / $1.78 = ~79

79 it is

~18.28 ref
Unique Fancy Fedora

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