Unusual Feathered Fiend Bonzo The All-Gnawing

Demon bird

1:1 in existence, only sale.

Sold for 227 keys pure + ~15 keys in sweets (using lowest seller as price for unpriced taunts for the sake of

~23 keys
Unusual Trophy Belt Green Confetti

Heyo, let's do this...

Sold for a clean Severed Max Head (18.7-19) keys!/compare/1510444800/1510531200

ghastly ghosts
Unusual Taunt: The Carlton Ghastly Ghosts

Just bought this. Thought I'd make a price suggestion on it. Also my first price suggestion.

Sale #1: Strange Death Racers Helmet with It's a puzzle to

~2 ref
Strange Boston Basher

OUCH!!!!!!! Stupid bat

Proof!!/compare/1510272000/1510531200 Search Boston To make it easier

Sold 3 @

Unusual Counterfeit Billycock Stare From Beyond

Range makes me vomit but considering the ooze is 26 and indate, thought first sale should be included

Sale 1:!/compare/1509408000/1509494400

Unusual Counterfeit Billycock Stare From Beyond

First time doing this, but you gotta start somewhere. Both of this hat in existence, including mine, aren't going anywhere anytime soon. So, might as well


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