~19.28 ref
Unique Taunt: Rancho Relaxo

Creds to Headshot for the litty correction

Sold for 22 ref: https://imgur.com/a/MLRPv

https://backpack.tf/item/5708230868: 21.66

~19.28 ref
Unique Taunt: Rancho Relaxo

This should be fine

Sold for 22 ref: https://imgur.com/a/MLRPv

~21.22 ref
Strange Salty Dog

Why are all the sales I find on cache to private buyers? I don't get it.... Also note to self: Going through the compare of a bot is a waste of time


The Grease Monkey
Submitted by Barakuba | trade.tf
~11 ref
Unique Grease Monkey

omfg I just updated this.

Buyer at 12

No sales

updated like this in my last suggestion

~11 ref
Unique Grease Monkey

The Inflation Sensation

Can't find any sales :/

Raising with buyer---> This was done last time, should be okay to do again

Only seller is $5

~15 keys
Unusual Cadaver's Cranium Purple Energy

Sold for 15 keys pure


Any more sales/anything ive missed please let me know

~15 keys
Unusual Helmet Without a Home Miami Nights

Credit to Albernany for sale 1:

Sale 1: for C9 Platinum Pickelhaube: https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198146053353#!/compare/1510099200/1510444800


~1.66 ref
Vintage Dead Ringer

idk why he didn't close his suggestion and remake :/

Creds to You killed starving babies? Honestly Ill take this down if starving babies wants to remake

~17.09 ref
Decorated Weapon Knife Blitzkrieg

1 sold for 15 ref: https://imgur.com/a/0rpn8

Price is supported by SCM sales which are around this price.


~27.72 ref
Unique Taunt: Bad Pipes

I got the sales before hand this time :P

2 sales for 27.66 ref:

Mine: https://imgur.com/a/FmeMd

Bot: https://backpack.tf/item/4780041137

1 sold at 27.77


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