~15.61 ref
Unique Dead of Night

Insane amount of sellers at 15 ref... item snapshot do your thing

Peace. Love. Money

~90 keys
Unusual Taunt: Rancho Relaxo Infernal Smoke


Creds to Rockeyroad1415™| B>QS for evidence (possibly Foamy and Rockey as well):

~Sale 1:

Sellers BP: https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198188087979#!/compare/1496016000/1496361600

~26.66 ref
Strange Bird-Man of Aberdeen

Bunch of Aged Sellers at 26.66 ref

Will be watching the buyer on screenshot to see if there is a sale at 25.44

~13.72 ref
Unique A Deep Commitment to Purple A Deep Commitment to Purple

Sale at 12 ref:


Buyers at 12 ref

Going with 12 ref

~2 keys
Unique Lollichop Licker

Credits to Lemons for seeing the sale :P

Two sales at 1.9 keys (<----- Quicksell? sold in less than 24 hours) and 2 keys:

Item screenshot for

~2 keys
Unique Lollichop Licker

Couldn't find any sales for this, but price increase is high enough to warrant (This is in reference to new rule for updating non-unusual rules)


~1.6 keys
Unique Mann Co. Painting Set

And watch the paints go up! And they stay there, and they stay there, til the next sale!

A bunch of buyer at and around 1.6 keys.

~15 keys
Unusual Football Helmet Vivid Plasma
~3.5 keys
Strange Southie Shinobi

FINALLY. Sold for 3 keys and 14 ref. Rounding to 3.5 keys



~37.5 keys
Unusual Winter Woodsman Starstorm Slumber

Same Info as other suggestion, but different interpretation of numbers. Disclosure: I do own this hat and I did quick buy it for a cheap price, but I do


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