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  • 46 ref
    Unique Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
    Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
    Bumped Listed by Burn

    im buying keys not selling them stop sending me stupid trade offers you will get block

  • 30 keys
    Unusual Tank Top 62 Found in Crate The Dark Doorway A Deep Commitment to Purple 8436034517 7282905302
    The Dark Doorway Tank Top
    Bumped Listed by Burn

    pure only or overpay

  • 30 keys
    Decorated Weapon Holy Mackerel 99 War Paint Cool Tiger Buffed festivized killstreak professional 8497028958 6455697604
    Cool Festivized Professional Killstreak Tiger Buffed Holy Mackerel (Field-Tested)
    Bumped Listed by Burn

    not really looking to sell but just putting it out there

  • 5 ref
    Unique Boston Boom-Bringer 48 Timed Drop 8614915680 1185654112
    Non-Craftable Boston Boom-Bringer
    Bumped Listed by Burn

    Item can be bought instantly on mptf with cash! Add me (comment on my profile) if offering refined metal! My price is negotiable, just hit me up :)

  • 0.05 ref
    Unique Winter 2019 War Paint Case 1 Timed Drop 8614915517 8449874840
    Winter 2019 War Paint Case #126
    Bumped Listed by Burn

    Selling crates on mptf for $0.01 each!

  • 50 keys
    Decorated Weapon Scattergun 1 Found in Crate Cool Flower Power killstreak professional 8649506411 4437710795
    Cool Professional Killstreak Flower Power Scattergun (Minimal Wear)
    Bumped Listed by Burn

    not really looking to sell, price is firm

  • 120 keys
    Unusual Battle Boonie 85 Found in Crate The Ooze A Distinctive Lack of Hue 8121658159 6282937015
    The Ooze Battle Boonie
    Bumped Listed by Burn

    serious offers only. pure or cash from mptf, unusual offers have a very low chance of being accepted. my buyout isn't fixed, still open to negotiate a good deal

  • 50 keys
    Unusual Hephaistos' Handcraft 88 Found in Crate Galactic Gateway 8685883610 7422446413
    Galactic Gateway Hephaistos' Handcraft
    Bumped Listed by Burn

    Very short history! Add to discuss or negotiate! Don't hesitate to send me an offer, I'll consider everything :) Overpay required in items/unusuals! I will sell for the lowest if you pay full pure!

  • 0.05 ref
    Unique Winter 2019 Cosmetic Case 1 Timed Drop 8675826396 8665216501
    Winter 2019 Cosmetic Case #125
    Bumped Listed by Burn

    selling crates on mptf

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