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  • 1 key
    Unique Bruiser's Bandanna 69 Purchased Pink as Hell 9134694261 4421482268
    The Bruiser's Bandanna
    Bumped Listed by tN|ᴹ

    Nice level and Pink, send me a trade offer. Thx

  • 15 keys
    Strange Beggar's Bazooka 91 Found in Crate killstreak professional 9154985253 1537652042
    Strange Professional Killstreak Beggar's Bazooka Parts Attached
    Bumped Listed by tN|ᴹ

    Great Parts and even better sheen/killstreaker. 15 keys or 20 Keys in items. Trade offers only

  • 78 keys
    Unusual Pure Tin Capotain Hellfire
    Hellfire Pure Tin Capotain
    Bumped Listed by tN|ᴹ

    Higher you must go, bots

  • 5 keys
    Strange Sandman 15 Traded spells 2059197700 366092062
    Strange Sandman
    Bumped Listed by tN|ᴹ

    Spelled, trade offers only.

  • 6.48 keys
    Unusual Coupe D'isaster Massed Flies
    Massed Flies Coupe D'isaster
    Bumped Listed by tN|ᴹ

    Always beating Itrem95 and other sad bots

  • 150 keys
    Unusual Brown Bomber Roboactive
    Roboactive Brown Bomber
    Bumped Listed by tN|ᴹ

    Here to bid up itrem95. Send me a trade

  • 180 keys
    Unusual Brown Bomber Anti-Freeze
    Anti-Freeze Brown Bomber
    Bumped Listed by tN|ᴹ

    Will always pay more than itrem95 or at least bid him up.

  • 168 keys
    Unusual Winter Woodsman Frostbite
    Frostbite Winter Woodsman
    Bumped Listed by tN|ᴹ

    Go Itrem Go

  • 145 keys
    Vintage Ghastlierest Gibus
    Vintage Ghastlierest Gibus
    Bumped Listed by tN|ᴹ

    Clean Price, Send me an offer.

  • 143.48 keys
    Unusual Company Man Frostbite
    Frostbite Company Man
    Bumped Listed by tN|ᴹ

    Higher you must go. Beating any stupid bot

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