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stellar ascent
Unusual Warhood Stellar Ascent
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Pricing the unpriced!

I was informed of this.

Sale 1:!/compare/1711324800/1711670400!/compare/1711497600/1711584000

95 pure

Sale 2:!/compare/1710028800/1710115200!/compare/1710374400/1711152000

Some bulk.

Sale 3:!/compare/1709337600/1709424000!/compare/1708992000/1709424000

Sold with 8 keys for a Global Clusters Warhood (80 keys) + a Green Energy Reel Fly Hat (65 keys)

(80 + 65) - 8 = 137, buyout was 114:

Mini for the Reel:

Sales for the Clusters Warhood:

Sale 1:!/compare/1708041600/1708128000!/compare/1708041600/1708128000


Sale 2:!/compare/1704326400/1704412800!/compare/1704326400/1704499200


Sale 3:!/compare/1705536000/1712016000!/compare/1705536000/1705622400


Sale 4:!/compare/1707091200/1707177600!/compare/1707004800/1707264000


Everything is untrace so I'll take the 4 month old 80.

Classies: 95-114.!/compare/1712102400/1712188800!/compare/1712102400/1712188800

    Bulk for keys

    The snapshot for the 114 sale has expired, do you have a screenshot of it by any chance? Also, did you take key pricing messing with snapshot listings into account?

      What they expire? 💀 Thats so trash, hopefully gladiator time machine comes back soon. Anyway, back then I didn't know the key pricing thing so 114 is incorrect as the buyout

        keys were 63.94 ref at the time at the time, so to get 114, the metal value of the listing would've been around 7289.16

        key price at the time of the sale, however, was 60.94, so 7289.16/60.94 = ~119.6, so the B/O was most likely 120 there, if we take your word for it

          Yeah idk, thats a mess. He has one right now listed at 110, so we can take that as the buyout:

          The 95 buyer is the one who sold later on for bulk in keys and judging from the bulk, it would certainly seem that they resold for lower than 95, however that would support keeping 95 in the range as the low end. I will ask a mod if 95-110 would work here.