Price Suggestion
~150 keys
distant dream
Unusual Field Practice Distant Dream
143 votes up
16 votes down
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Item 1

Sale #1

Dumped for 80 keys + 20.66 refined (ID "13629391730" of the unusual matches)-



Sale #2

Sold with a bunch of other unusuals for 180 keys (ID "13653975354" of the unusual matches, not sure how much of it went to the Field Practice so probably better not to use)-



Item 2

Sale #3

Bought together with a Laugh-O-Lantern A Hat to Kill For for 137 keys + 79 refined? (both unusuals match histories but can't tell how many went to which)-



MP.TF Sale #1

Sold for $299.99 on November 22, 2023

Average Key Price @ $1.71ish

299.99/1.71 = 175.43ish keys;5;u168

Only sale @ 175

Taking 175 flat :3

    New sales:

    Sold for 112 Keys!/compare/1706832000/1707004800

    Sold with a Pumpkin Moon Hat Outta Hell(200 Keys) for a Morning Glory Hustler's Hallmark(Sellers at 200)!/compare/1707436800/1707523200

    Sales seem to be all over the place here. The fact that this has been dumped several times here leads me to believe that 175 is far too high. Even the 112 Key sale I found can be argued was resold for less.

    This is definitely best left outdated until it stabilizes to a point where every sale isn't a bulk sale that values it below buyers.