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~59 keys
Unusual Ye Oiled Baker Boy Green Black Hole
150 votes up
36 votes down
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    this sale is on a double spelled version of the item and there is at least one non-spelled version in an active trader's backpack. it might be best to leave this outdated for now

      This is only sale of this item that has happened in last 7 months, regardless of fact its double spelled or not. Many other items have been priced by spelled variant sales, because there were simply no other sales, so i see no issue with this suggestion.

      Not just that, another owner is not looking to sell it, as he paid well over 250 in items, at the time (7 months ago) being around full price, now thats outdated.

        just because the only recent sale was on a spelled version of the item does not mean all copies of the item should be 'updated' to use the spelled one. a spelled copy of an item can be used (general guideline but can vary between situations) if the circumstances where either the previous suggestion was based on a spelled copy or all non-spelled versions are in inactive backpacks i.e. they have not be online in the past 6 months. both criterias here are not met.

        also i'm not sure where this 250 value for the non-spelled is coming from considering the previous owner had this listed at 160 keys

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        this should be left outdated for now

      I’d say the 300 key price isn’t obscene even for non spelled (which hasn’t moved in 7 months) since the non spelled one sold for like 250.