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~31 keys
Unusual Whirly Warrior Aces High
177 votes up
58 votes down
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Mini Mini Noice

Item 1:

Sale 1:!/compare/1658707200/1658793600!/compare/1658707200/1660089600

Looks like 51 pure, based on Near ID

Item 2:

Sale 2:!/compare/1659484800/1661558400!/compare/1660780800/1660953600


Sale 3:!/compare/1660953600/1661040000!/compare/1660953600/1661040000

40 Pure + a Fab ~ 40, excluding buy orders are above this sale, and was sold for 0.5 above buy orders at time of sale (

Sale 4:!/compare/1661299200/1661385600!/compare/1661299200/1661385600

Bulk for Frozen Icefall Eyewear

Item 3:

Sale 5:!/compare/1654473600/1655078400!/compare/1654992000/1655078400

Dump to

Sale 6:!/compare/1658620800/1658707200!/compare/1658534400/1658707200

Looks like all 52 keys went to, checked every history, buyout was 53 (

Sale 7:!/compare/1660953600/1661040000!/compare/1660953600/1661126400

Looks like 43

Item 4:

Sale 8:!/compare/1656028800/1656460800!/compare/1656374400/1656460800

Bulk for Vicious Circle Pithy Professional, better used there

Sale 9:!/compare/1658102400/1658188800!/compare/1656979200/1658275200

47 Pure + ~2 Keys in sweets

Going 43 - 49

    boy do the update hits this suggestion hard


        oh didn't see this since i think all my notifications got deleted last week, should it cap at the 38 then? or should i just close this?

          there are now 3 at 38~ keys on scm, best to close this one and wait for more sales