Price Suggestion
~97.5 keys
Unusual Le Party Phantom Smoking
28 votes up
2 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by K1ng.

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New Sale Moment


1 -!/compare/1649203200/1649376000!/compare/1649289600/1649462400

Bought from Scraptf Auction? Cant find anything Untrace

2 - Other sales are just moved to scraptf deposit bot, nothing useable

3 -!/compare/1646006400/1646092800!/compare/1645833600/1646092800

110 Keys

4 -!/compare/1651536000/1651622400!/compare/1651536000/1651622400

Smoking Le Party Phantom +15k for Frostbite Carouser's Capotain

Capotain has open sugg at 100-115k, ~107.5k Rounding to 108 Keys

So 108 - 15 - ~93k for the Smoking Le Party Phantom

Rounding to 95k

#2 (Duped)

1 -!/compare/1647648000/1647907200!/compare/1647734400/1648080000

Untrace? + Duped nothing useable.

So 2 Sales at 110k and 95k

2 New Sales

Cloud 9 Killer Exclusive + ~25.5 Pure - 72.5 + 25.5 = 98!/compare/1651881600/1651968000

Fits the range well

Quoting K1ng

110 resold for a GE Thirst Blood (sellers at 90, so less than that)!/compare/1649376000/1649462400!/compare/1649116800/1649376000

Probably best to go with 95-100 here.

Seeing this new sale suggesting 95-100k