Price Suggestion
~215 keys
Unusual Hat Outta Hell Burning Flames
35 votes up
1 vote down

This suggestion was accepted by K1ng.

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Resuggest! New Sales - thx King


Histories with in-date sales: -> 1 sale

Sale #1:!/compare/1643328000/1643414400!/compare/1643068800/1643414400

Sold for 8k (or 40k as matches in seller) (8k received on buyer end) + strange pro ks medi gun + SF condor (mini @ 150k)

150 + 40 + ~29k = 219k

Rounding up to 220k due to the differences in buyers/sellers of medi gun etc.

Buyout 250k ->

Condor -> -> few sales

Sale #1:!/compare/1639699200/1644883200!/compare/1639094400/1639699200

Untrace as to what it sold for? Buyer likely sold the low tiers to bots and immediately sold the keys to the seller

No buyout

Sale #2:!/compare/1639872000/1640131200!/compare/1639785600/1640304000

Nothing directly matches here - buyer possibly sold his SF hat outta hell and brought the other unusuals (+ keys) for the seller as those seem to match

Buyout 225k ->

Sale is capped at 225k but because the sale isn't direct - cant be too sure (luckily got 220k from other history) -> 1 sale

Sale #1:!/compare/1639872000/1641600000!/compare/1635206400/1642636800

Looks like SCM sale however SCM dont line up with date of sale via history (sales too low as well)

Buyout 250k ->

Nothing here:;5;u13

King: New sales: 210 keys!/compare/1649462400/1649721600!/compare/1649635200/1649721600

No match!/compare/1649721600/1649808000!/compare/1649721600/1649894400





So 210-220 will do.

Going 210-220k