Price Suggestion
~31.5 keys
Unusual Tipped Lid Haunted Ghosts
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Price update!

Histories with in-date sales: -> 1 sale

Sale #1:!/compare/1641081600/1641168000!/compare/1641168000/1641254400

Sold for 31k pure (buyer receives ref too)

Buyout 30k 41 ref ->

Rounds to 31k anyway -> few sales

Sale #1:!/compare/1636588800/1640736000!/compare/1634774400/1636934400

Looks like scm? No sale on date of sale

Sale #2:!/compare/1639699200/1641340800!/compare/1639612800/1639699200

QS'd to scrapbot

Then went to and sold there ->

Jan 6th @ 55 / 1.6 = 34.37k (~34k)

No buyout found - wasnt likely sold under the scrapbot but still a sale

Sale #4:!/compare/1641945600/1642118400!/compare/1642032000/1642118400

Looks like a qs to Gaming (comparisons need to update but likely due to bot etc)

No buyout

Marketplace sales:;5;u8

Nov 2nd @ 74.99 / 1.87 = 40.10k (~40k) -> -> possibly??

Nov 30th @ 74.99 / 1.87 = 40.10k (~40k)

Total sales @



40k (x2)

Sellers both at 40k

Buyers up to 18k (nice bots)

Going 31-40k