Price Suggestion
~90 keys
Unusual Patriot Peak Neutron Star
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Too many minis... Doing this for Robot Daddy and TheFlyingSpaghettiMonster

Sale #1)

170 keys: - Credits to TheFlyingSpaghettiMonster

Sale #2)

Cloudy Moon Sober Stuntman:!/compare/1634860800/1634947200

No valid sales on CM Sober Stuntman, excluding.

Sale #3)

Divine Desire Universal Translator (120 keys):!/compare/1634860800/1634947200!/compare/1634860800/1634947200

Mini for DD Universal Translator:

Sale #4)


Sale #5)

Professional Killstreak Liquid Asset Stickybomb Launcher (Factory New) + Bee Swarm California Cap (Outdated) + Power Surge Otolaryngologist's Mirror (Outdated) + Orbiting Fire Gauzed Gaze (indate, 79 keys) + Reverium Irregularis Reel Fly Hat (Unpriced) + Spelled Villain's Veil + Overclocked Cold Killer (Outdated) + Spelled Snow Scoper + Bee Swarm Head of Defense (Unpriced):!/compare/1636761600/1636848000!/compare/1636761600/1636848000

Spelled/Killstreak outlier, excluding.

Sale #6)

Sold along with 1300 keys for Disco Beat Down Polar Pullover:!/compare/1641340800/1641427200!/compare/1641340800/1641427200

Better used there.

Taking 120 - 170 range.