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~169 keys
Strange Rocket Launcher Park Pigmented
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  • 61 keys
    Strange Rocket Launcher Park Pigmented
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Bark Bigmented (resugg for lemons)

Sale 1: Strange Ghost Town Rocket FN + Time Warp Sober Stuntman + Hollow Flourish Taunt: Spent Well Spirits + 30 keys!/compare/1633996800/1634083200!/compare/1634083200/1634169600

No mini for rocket launcher possible, sale being ignored

Sale 2: Distant Dream Towering Pillar of Beanies + 30 keys (was indate 150 at time of sale) = 180 keys!/compare/1636934400/1637020800!/compare/1636934400/1637020800

Sale 3:PKS double spelled Original + PKS Aussie Grenade (~31) + other stuff!/compare/1637193600/1639440000!/compare/1637452800/1637539200

Its not clean how much of the other stuff went to the seller…

Original sold for a PKS original (81.22) + tesla coil Hellmet (124.5) = ~206 keys!/compare/1640217600/1640390400!/compare/1640131200/1640217600

Comes to 237 keys- rounding up to 240 since there’s definitely some stuff being missed in the remove compare.

Sale 4: Bulk BP sale!/compare/1640736000/1640908800

Sale 5: 1:1 for FN sand cannon RL, better used there.!/compare/1637107200/1637193600

Going with 180-240 keys.

    I just purchased one from Wayne for 190 pure

      Could you share a SS on my resugg? Compare doesn't seem to show.