Price Suggestion
~101 keys
Unusual Head Warmer Sulphurous
44 votes up
1 vote down
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This suggestion was accepted by Shuffle Spy.

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Mini for:

Sale 1:!/compare/1630972800/1631318400!/compare/1630972800/1631404800

Sold for a Scorching Flames Bone Dome (82 keys) + 27 pure

82 + 27 = 109

Mini for the Bone Dome:

Sale 2:!/compare/1638489600/1638576000!/compare/1638489600/1638576000

110 pure.

Additional by Shuffle the Spy:!/compare/1639267200/1639612800 - Sold for 87 Keys to a buy order!/compare/1641686400/1641772800 - Better for the Fly Guy - Seller at 105 Keys

My comment on the Bone Dome suggestion would make it 84 Keys, so Sale 1 should be 110 flat if you round or 111 if not.

The difference doesn't really matter here, but in the future, if you choose not to round a non-pure sale, then the price it's suggested at better be 100% correct.

Regardless, you'll need to include 105 as a low end.

Credits to Nils:

New sale, just sold one for 92 pure, dk if its an outlier since its so much lower but ill post here regardless

Classies: 92-110.