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~832.5 keys
Unusual Polar Pullover Disco Beat Down
29 votes up
8 votes down
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I believe this was the only recent sale:!/compare/1641340800/1641427200

Sale) 1300 keys + Neutron Star Patriot Peak (85 keys) = 1385 keys.

Bumping it to 1400 keys.

Neutron Star Patriot Peak is outdated so minis:

Mini Sale) Oct 7 2021

Just barely in date (3 month ish~) which sold for 85 keys:!/compare/1633564800/1633651200

Unfortunately this was the only usable one I could find for the Neutron Peak, these ones I have no idea:!/compare/1640476800/1640563200!/compare/1640563200/1640649600!/compare/1636675200/1636848000!/compare/1635811200/1635897600!/compare/1635811200/1635897600!/compare/1634860800/1634947200

Seeing that we have buy orders for the Neutron patriot peak at 116 keys & 100 keys, I think this is fine

    neutron patriot peak is 170 not 85.