Price Suggestion
~153 keys
Unusual Tough Stuff Muffs Phosphorous
48 votes up
4 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Blaze.xTH3RM4Lx.

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Third time's the charm. Big thanks to Blaze.xTH3RM4Lx for helping me get this one sorted out!

Sale #1!/compare/1629158400/1629244800!/compare/1629158400/1629244800

Sold for a Cloudy Moon Ze Goggles

using this sale there

Sale #2!/compare/1629331200/1629504000!/compare/1629417600/1629504000

Verdant Vortex Airdog + Starstorm Insomnia Bolted Bicorne + Miami Nights Human Cannonball + Molten Mallard Titanium Tyrolean

+ phosphorous shooters sola topi + 10 keys + ~15 keys in mixed items for the Muffs + ~1key ain cosmetics

picture from buyer's side

17.5+27.5+23.5+25.5+35+10+15-1 = 153

Bolted Bicorne is being priced in its own suggestion

Phosphorous Shooter's Sola Topi mini:;5;u63 - sold for $64 (35 keys)

No other recent sales

taking as 153