Price Suggestion
~22 keys
pyrophoric personality
Unusual Taunt: The Dueling Banjo Pyrophoric Personality
37 votes up
1 vote down

This suggestion was accepted by Xergoyf.

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Please lmk if there are more sales

Mini for frag quarks tundra top (edit, nvm all that work for nothing, the tundra top sale is below buyers fml)



1 sale on 5/20 for 44

44/2 = 22

Taking 22, market supports

    More sales:!/compare/1620518400/1620604800 19 keys!/compare/1625011200/1625356800 24 keys

    19 wasn't under buyers at the time of the sale so id want to include that, but 19 - 24 is almost the same as 22 flat so just gonna accept this suggestion