Price Suggestion
~21 keys
bee swarm
Unusual Flamehawk Bee Swarm
72 votes up
2 votes down

This suggestion was accepted by Blaze.xTH3RM4Lx.

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Mini for Strange Hot Spider's Cluster Scattergun (Well-Worn)

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Item 1

Sale 1!/compare/1617840000/1617926400!/compare/1617840000/1617926400

31 keys matches - other sellers at 40 keys, ultra is a known qbuyer so I doubt he paid 31 here


Sale 2!/compare/1617840000/1617926400!/compare/1617753600/1617926400

104 keys matches? Seems like bulk

Sale 3!/compare/1617753600/1617926400!/compare/1617840000/1617926400

These match:

Miami Nights Stout Shako - - 17 keys

3 keys

26.22 ref

17 + 3 + 0.5 = 20.5 keys

Taking as 21 keys

Sale 4!/compare/1617926400/1618012800!/compare/1617926400/1618012800

Feels like bulk for the D@D gilded

Sale 5!/compare/1617926400/1618012800!/compare/1617926400/1618012800

Sold for 21 keys

Sale 6!/compare/1619395200/1619481600!/compare/1619395200/1619481600

Bulk for Strange Hot Spider's Cluster Scattergun (Well-Worn)

Item 2

Sale 7!/compare/1615248000/1615334400!/compare/1569715200/1619395200


Item 3

Sale 8!/compare/1615420800/1615852800!/compare/1615334400/1615593600

Bulk for SF Bone Dome


21, 21

Taking 21 flat here

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