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~55 keys
Unusual Stainless Pot Molten Mallard
50 votes up
7 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Erik B>Keys $1.70.

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Price update!

Histories with in-date sales: -> few sales

Sale #1:!/compare/1616803200/1617321600!/compare/1617235200/1617321600

Looks like bulk here

Sale #2:!/compare/1619568000/1619654400!/compare/1616544000/1620000000

Untrace? Obtained with some stranges & duck journal but nothing obvious as to what he paid for it...

Marketplace sales:;5;u88

No records at time of sale to use avg :(

Using actual price of day

May 3rd @ 110 / 2 = 55k

No history found for sale...

Taking 55k flat

    Just for clarification because I know what happened to it, sale 1 is a bulk cashout from Jamal to Ender, then Ender sold it on Marketplace (the Marketplace bot doesn't appear in the history)