Price Suggestion
~232.5 keys
Unusual Antlers Terror-Watt
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I like Ants

Watch that magnifying glass!

Sellers: - - 1 day @ 400 keys - young @ 400 keys - 2 days @ 400 keys

Sale 1)!/compare/1613001600/1613088000!/compare/1613001600/1613088000 - Bulk

Sale 2)!/compare/1612915200/1613001600!/compare/1612915200/1613001600 - Sold for a Haunted Phantasm Jr Pomade Prince - Low/incomplete

Sale 3)!/compare/1619222400/1619308800!/compare/1619222400/1619308800 - Sold with a Death at Dusk Officer's Ushanka (80) + ~2.5 keys in sweets for a Duped Bonzo The All-Gnawing Triboniophorus Tyrannus (400) + 10 keys = 328 keys, once rounded

Buyout was 400 keys

Mini for Tyrannus:!/compare/1618531200/1618617600!/compare/1617753600/1618185600 - Sold for 400 keys, compares don't show the keys but I have confirmations from all of the parties involved, all saying the same thing

Sale 4)!/compare/1618876800/1619049600!/compare/1618876800/1619049600 - Bulk

Sale 5)!/compare/1618790400/1618876800!/compare/1618185600/1618876800 - Sold for 400 keys

Sale 6)!/compare/1619395200/1619568000 - Bulk

Duped Sales:

Sale 7)!/compare/1617840000/1617926400 - Sold for a Blizzardy Storm Crone's Dome (98) + a Green Energy Specialized Killstreak Whirly Warrior + 40 keys

Sale 8)!/compare/1614297600/1614556800 - Sold for a Burning Flames Le Party Phantom

Sale 9)!/compare/1613865600/1613952000 - Sold for a Frozen Icefall Patriot Peak


328 and 400

None of the duped sales seems much higher than the 400 sale here and most likely fit the range

Rounding for neatness

Thanks =)

    Just bought my TW Antlers for 400 pure so I think it can be updated with all the other sales aswell

    Proof of it:

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