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Refined Metal
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Unique Refined Metal
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Keys have been moving at 55.88-56 ref (mean is 55.94)

Taking past week

Seller 1: Bought 369 keys at $1.73

$1.73/55.94=$0.031 ~$0.03

Seller 2: Bought 2568 keys at $1.72

$1.72/55.94=$0.031 ~$0.03

Seller 3: Sold 5617 keys for $1.78

$1.78/55.94=$0.032 ~$0.03

Seller 4: Sold 2686 keys for $1.82

$1.82/55.94=$0.033 ~$0.03

Seller 5: Bought 1228 keys at $1.74

$1.74/55.94=$0.031 ~$0.03

Seller 6: Sold 35 keys for $1.8

$1.8/55.94=$0.032 ~$0.03

Seller 7: Bought 45 keys for $1.7



Past week: (1.85+1.85+1.82+1.82+1.83+1.84+1.81)/7=$1.83

$1.83/55.94=$0.033 ~$0.03

Past week: (2.08+2.07+2.05+2.05+2.04+2.02+2.02)/7=$2.05

$2.05/55.94=$0.036 (outlier)

Majority is at $0.03, taking $0.03

(Ps: this is my first Refined suggestion, constructive criticism is appreciated)

    I don't want to upvote this aaaa (In all seriousness looks fine, more examples are always nice but this seems like plenty)

      When the key price suggestion gets accepted I'll probs post some more

      Keys seem to be dropping in ref, down to 51-52 refined

          ref will soon go down to 0.02$

            if cash key sellers/buyers keep lowering their prices and key price in ref keeps going up it will

              oh god please no

                        Seems like keys are currently in a bad place; after the last key suggestion, they have been dropping steadily, and now they're at 51ref. That would put most of these data points near $0.035 (which is current). It might be best to hold on and see what happens to keys the coming weeks, as this may simply have been the result of a peaking key price (which seems to fall back much closer to what they were at when ref was last updated).

                          Alright I'll close this since the current price might be fine for now, thx for the response