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~14 keys
Unusual Taunt: The Schadenfreude Mega Strike
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(for this )

TLDR Sales: 13, 13, 15, 16, 17

2 sales @ ~13 keys (I show them bolded below)

sellers well below 16 and 17

excluding the 16-17, going with 13-15


sitting on mannco


bot tradebacks with owner


went through a unique scrap bot so the sales are *before* it was unusual. NOT USING.



now it leaves the marketplace bot on the 24th of march, but the sale is registered on march 29th?????;5;u3010

not sure what to do with that info but ill count that march 29th sale here (I count the feb one later)

34.99, keys were 2.09 that day

= 16~ keys


went through mannco

25 / 1.94 = 12.88, rounding to 13 keys


man dumped his inv lol


I think it is just the application of an untradeable unusualifier!/compare/1615680000/1615766400

sold in bulk!/compare/1617235200/1617321600!/compare/1617235200/1617408000



I think it is just the application of an untradeable unusualifier

but also their inv isnt parsed past feb 7 soooo!/compare/1613260800/1613347200




SCM, not sure price!/compare/1612828800/1613001600

listed to SCM again but!/compare/1614297600/1615507200

received as untradeable so unlisted and traded? no clue, unusable


inventory wasnt parsed past march 1st, doesn't actually leave so unusable


scm sale. no idea when it happened (look at that inv parse!!!!!)


untraceable, only like 3 keys matched!/compare/1610668800/1610755200!/compare/1610668800/1610755200




xD's sale is untraceable!/compare/1610668800/1610755200!/compare/1610668800/1610755200

13 keys pure (just use near ID)

Marketplace bot sold it on jan 21st but the only date close enough on is Feb 1;5;u3010

34.99, keys were 2.1 that day;6

= 16.6 keys rounding up so 17 keys



#-------------------- dump


15 keys pure


Literally dumped to a bot and immediately quicksold to Erik and posted on!/compare/1616457600/1616544000

Cube dumped it for 13~ keys though, supports the other 13 sales





even went in RTHR's bp all the way to the 20th to see when it sold!/compare/1616198400/1616198400/nearest!/compare/1616198400/1616284800!/compare/1616112000/1616198400

no idea, untrace