Price Suggestion
~425 keys
Unusual Large Luchadore Burning Flames
39 votes up
3 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Price Daddy.

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Mini for Ancient Codex Captain Space Mann

Item 1

Sale 1!/compare/1606262400/1606435200!/compare/1606348800/1606435200

Bulk for Knifestorm Specialized Killstreak Rotation Sensation

Sale 2!/compare/1609372800/1609459200!/compare/1609372800/1609459200

Sold for 400 keys and Sunbeams King Cardbeard

400 + 47 = 447 keys

Sale 3!/compare/1610064000/1610409600!/compare/1610323200/1610409600

Sold alongside:

Scorching Flames Cool Capuchon


Ancient Codex Captain Space Mann

Using there



Item 2

Sale 4


keys, $2.45

1082.4/2.45 = 441.80 keys

Resuggesting at 440 – 450 keys

More sales

Item 3

Sale 1!/compare/1612569600/1612656000!/compare/1612569600/1612656000

300 keys match

confirmed qbuy, thanks jaggu

Item 1

Sale 2!/compare/1612656000/1612742400!/compare/1612656000/1612742400

Bulk for Sunbeams VVF

Sale 3!/compare/1613001600/1613088000!/compare/1613001600/1613088000

Bulk for GPan

Range stays for now

Thanks Foamy:!/compare/1617580800/1617667200 another sale here with 124 for a beams mancer ~410 total

Its probably worth including that seeing as there are a couple of lower sales now. If you do, you might as well make this 410-440 and remove 450 (who dumped it for <200)

[Do tell me if Price Daddy is officially your new moniker]

Taking 410 – 440 keys here