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Sunbeams Seared Sorcerer
Submitted by Buragan
Unusual Seared Sorcerer Sunbeams
18 votes up
25 votes down
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Bought for 165 keys pure and strange Spec KS Frying Pan (buyer valued pan at 23 keys)


Unable to look into other possible sales at this time so please comment any other sales and I can re-create the suggestion.

    Sales wise you are the only sale, so you're fine on that aspect. But as said.. you probably.... will have to do a mini for the pan, but I could be wrong.

    You need to do a proper valuation of the pan

      Understandable, first suggestion and unsure on how to do proper minis. Strange Pan at base is 26.4 - 27.3 (updated 5 months ago) so could be worth more with Spec Ks kit but still at base worth more than what buyer valued it at. minis for spec KS pans could still be useful.

        Strange spec ks pan has buyers for 30, sellers for 32, so it's worth somewhere in the range of 30-32. Since this price suggestion is over 100 keys, you can round to the nearest 5 and just call it 195 total, the exact valuation of the pan doesn't matter.

        For proof of pan's value, a screenshot of the classifieds should be enough, I think (though I could be wrong on this, if someone more knowledgeable is sure, please confirm).

          This knowledge is very helpful! Once Someone gives full confirmation on this I will close the suggestion and reopen it with this information. Thank you again