Price Suggestion
~90 keys
Decorated Weapon Medi Gun Energy Orb Masked Mender
27 votes up
22 votes down
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After discussion amongst comment sections and talk with admins this is the consensus price suggestion :)

A summarized collection of all of the information talked about to reach this vote is attached below:

Summary of past sales and sales still in date


2x 100 - 1 of which updated to the price suggestion from comments below the suggestion

Other sales: Bulk!/compare/1613001600/1613174400!/compare/1612656000/1613174400

~100 keys!/compare/1616457600/1616630400!/compare/1616544000/1616630400

Open Mind FPF + Green Giggler W-BB (no mini) + ~0.5 keys in sweets!/compare/1616803200/1616976000!/compare/1616976000/1617235200

    I think you meant to suggest a E Orb Well-Worn Wrapped Reviver.

    Can be found at this link;

      copy+paste link cuz broke rip

        Nah this is the right place :) thanks for checking though mocking

        The wrapped reviver was just referenced in the talk to help iron out an energy orb well worn pricing structure we have 3-4 documented sales of this well worn i just didn't add every single link

        for the full talk see here:

        And also here:

          Oh, I am pretty sure K1ng messed up actually lmao.

          Every trade that king got was for a energy orb WW wrapped reviver medigun, and your manncostore sale you have in the other suggestion is the masked mender medigun. So guess you got another free suggestion there, if you wanna do it lol or could I take for free bp points :^)

            Oh boy, how did I mess that up. So the Masked Mender has sales at 91 and 148.

            @Sir_Cloud you can resuggest this at 90-150. Expect that to be left open for a month to see if it resells.

            @Mockingbird: you can suggest the Wrapped Reviver at 100. Doesn't seem like it has other sales.