Price Suggestion
~90 keys
Decorated Weapon Medi Gun Energy Orb Masked Mender
28 votes up
27 votes down
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Sold for 114 keys on Mannco.Store

sale proof:

keys price as of purchase:

When comparing last sale to Summary of last price suggestions usable

sales indicated 80 might have been an outlying price

Summary of last price suggestions valid sales listed 3 months ago:



2x 100 - 1 of which updated to the price suggestion from comments below the suggestion

      1) where did 110 high come from? If the sales are at 100 and 114, either raise the range to 114 or determine whether the sale at 114 is an outlier or not.

      2)There are 83 existences of this weapon(going from bp stats), you you would have to look for all valid sales within the last 3 months on all weapon, which I'm pretty sure there are.

        Since saving comment edits takes an eternity to do so, you should also change the range to on with a low of 91. there is no reason to go with a low of 90, if there aren't any sales for it

          The purpose of the high and low was to stick to round groups of 10 rather than 91 to 114 to prevent overcomplication though if your view is the overall consensus it can be changed to suit

          Also As much as tracking down the sales of 83 medi guns over the last few months seems easy they don't seem to move that much from backpack to backpack due to the specificity and expensive nature of such an item though I will make an effort to acquire more data this was the submission and data I was privy to at this time and I thought it was atlest a start to prompt the discussion

          Thanks for your feedback man with bird ^_^

            U won't need to round the 114k sale down to 110k,114 would be fine, as for the other sales being in-date, maybe you should include the 80? Maybe wait for a mod to comment here

              Sounds like a plan :)

              I'm still getting the hang around price suggestions and some of this is divisive

              so all help to find the correct answer is welcome

          Alright :) Thankyou for the help K1ng <3

            You can close this and resuggest at 90-100.